Showdown - Applied table tennis

Showdown is applied table tennis for the blind and visually impaired. All players must have an eye on opaque goggles to keep the objectivity of the competition.

This sport to the Czech Republic came from Canada in 1980, but the greatest expansion occurred after 1995. It is played in many European countries, but also in other states.

The basis of the game is on the table showdown, playing bat and ball sounded.
(See Rules).

In the Czech Republic play competition of individuals, men doubles and mixed doubles and the mixed league plays three-member teams. It hosts a tournament for elementary schools.

At the international level to play the European Championship and the world, which runs alongside the national teams of three competition.

About us

Production table on the showdown started our company in year 2000. Tables with a new generation of aluminum construction manufactured since 2003. Our tables are supplied throughout Europe.

The table is manufactured according to applicable rules of IBSA. The table consists of two pieces that are put up in the middle and connect.

Wooden table and aluminum construction ensures that the table is easily portable and well made.

At present, the table are made primarily with transparent central panel, which is transparent and unbreakable material.

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Rules of the Showndown Game

Showdown is played by two players. It is played on a rectangular table at the rear of both sides are scoring well, in the middle of the center plate. Played with bats and balls, which were inserted into the stainless steel balls to the ball to hear. The goal is to hit the ball across the table, under the central board and the opponent's goal while the opponent tries to prevent it.

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