Equipment Specifications


The table is manufactured according to applicable rules of IBSA. The table consists of two pieces that are put up in the middle and connect. Wooden table and aluminum construction ensures that the table is easily portable and well made. At present, the table is made primarily with transparent central panel, which is transparent and unbreakable material.

Transport of table:
Size: 122 cm x 366 cm
Size in packaging Packing Information: The table is made of two pieces, one piece of size 195 cm x 130 cm x 25 cm, weight of one piece of approximately 50 kg.

Price per table is 1 770 EUR + Price of transport according to the calculation of the transport company.

If you are interested in our table, download and send us a binding order.

  • Length: 364-366 cm
  • Width: 121 to 122 cm
  • Table height (measured to the floor around the playing area): 78 cm
  • Side wall: 14 cm
  • Horns: 23 cm radius
  • The goal hole (half circle): 30 cm in diameter
  • Rectangular vertical hole (rear wall): 30 x 9-10 cm
  • Tactile boundary line goal: 40 cm
  • Contact plate: 5 cm overlap, but backward-over
  • Bottom panel: 46 cm


  • The bats must be made of a hard, smooth material with a maximum length of 30 cm. The bat can be covered with a soft material (layer up to 2 mm on both sides). The overlap of the handle and the blade can be of any length.
  • Maximum dimensions:

      Total length: 30 cm
      Blade length: 20 cm
      Blade width: 7,5 cm
      Blade thickness: 1 cm
      Handle diameter: 4 cm

  • The blade may be rounded and / or square. If the bat is made in one piece, the blade begins where the diameter / width of the handle exceeds four (4) centimeters.
  • The thickness of the soft overlay may be a maximum of two (2) millimeters on each side, but the total thickness of the blade must not exceed ten (10) millimeters.


  • Balls are to be heard - inserted into them pieces of metal (eg stainless steel balls, shot, etc.). Balls should have an average of six (6) cm and the surface should be hard and smooth.

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