8th International Showdown Olomouc Tournament 2017

The last weekend of the 22nd and 25th International Tournament in Olomouc was played with great interest from foreign players and ours. It was the 8th year. It was played on 5 tables with the participation of players from Latvia, Russia, Belarus, Germany, Slovakia and ours.

The tournament started a match of two girls attending the showdown ring at this school. A total of 44 players were downgraded to 8 groups and moved the first two into the retirement system and advancing from 3rd and 4th place in the group played down the elimination procedure downwards from 17th to 32nd place. Spider down to 32 places was played on Saturday and the top spider from 1 to 16 was played on Sunday morning. 11 judges whistled. A total of 75 guided tours and attendance were in the tournament. Zlata and Jiří Sitta worked at the computer, and Mrs. Květoslava Hájková cared for refreshments. The players were accompanied by the girls Klara and Martin. Klara, who also coordinated the matches from Latvian players from last year, brought her a small present because they appreciated her work. A major complication caused us repairing roads in Olomouc because the German expedition could not find accommodation when tram stops were.

Below are the rankings of athletes in the twentieth position. The overall order is possible download in pdf format. Květoslava Trnečková


  1. Laco Brada - SK
  2. David Hájek - CZ
  3. Ziedonis Mazurs - LO
  4. Liene Fibiga - LO
  5. Sergej Shkibel - BLR
  6. Pavel Kuboška - SK
  7. Deniss Ovsjnnikovs - LO
  8. Martin Pouch - CZ
  9. Heňo Wilnrotter - SK
  10. Tomáš Horvát - SK
  11. Jaroslav Gajdoš - SK
  12. Josef Horba - SK
  13. Petr Bayer - CZ
  14. Ondřej Kodet - CZ
  15. Yuliya Muhortova - RU
  16. Mikuláš Ďurko - CZ
  17. Juris Strazdińš - LO
  18. Pavel Michelfeit - CZ
  19. Luboš Hájek - SK
  20. Radoslav Vicen - SK